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Happy Mother's Day!

There is definitely a debate that happens out there regarding when it’s ok to call yourself a mother….some people feel strongly that it should be reserved for human mothers only – the traditional mother! Others feel that it should be extended to moms of furry creatures as well – any time we are a care-giver for another life, mother is an acceptable term!

In my opinion, if you care for another living creature of any kind, you are a mother. So, motherhood looks different for everyone, and I think that’s ok – in the words of Cody Rigsby (Peloton people – if you know, you know) – you do you, boo. My first foray into motherhood was with my boy, Harley, all the way back in my first year of college at the ripe age of 19 years old. Adopting him was the first time that I had to take another living creature’s needs into my schedule and life. Making sure I came back to my apartment after class to take him for a walk, making sure I wasn’t out too late to feed him dinner, the list goes on. The biggest thing about being a mother to me is putting someone else’s needs above your own, or at least taking them into account with yours, perhaps. It teaches you patience, responsibility, and all about unconditional love.

Having a human child then takes that to the next level – even more love, even more lessons, and even more patience, lol. But watching my son, Connor, grow has been such a pleasure and a joy. Grooming him into a tiny (well, not so tiny), sarcastic, corny joke loving, dog loving, amazing person makes me so proud of him and honored to be his mom. You really can’t explain what it feels like to raise someone until you do it – and though I don’t think I would have ever felt ready, I’m sure glad that Connor came along when he did. Honestly being pregnant during my 4th year of vet school was not ideal (climbing over fences on field service while 5 months pregnant and the residents all freaked out at me was a good time) – but I’m so glad he busted into my life and he has taught me so much about myself, and has helped me to grow as a person and a leader.

So here’s to you – all you mothers out there – remember this weekend to take few minutes for yourselves, ok? We are so good at putting everyone else first, but it’s also important to sometimes put yourself first, and do things just for you. Take a bubble bath, read a book, take a walk with the dog (or by yourself!), or maybe just lock yourself in your car and listen to your favorite song with slowly drinking your coffee, uninterrupted, lol. Whatever it is that brings you some joy, make time for you to do it for yourself, so that you can continue to be the badass mother that you are! Happy Mother’s Day everyone – here’s to another year of raising furry and non-furry children!!

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