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Adopt a dog, save a life.






Each year, approximately 1 million dogs and cats are killed in our nation's shelters. But it doesn't have to be that way.  An estimated 17 million people will add a new pet to their families this year. If more of them would choose to adopt a pet, instead of buying one, we could reduce the number of animals killed in shelters significantly.

*** Effective December 2020 - At this time we are not accepting and/or processing preapproval or general applications.  We are only processing applications for specific dogs that are posted as available for adoption on our Facebook page. ***

​Interested in adopting one of our dogs?  Please take a moment to read our complete ADOPTION PROCESS handout and the information below prior to submitting your ADOPTION APPLICATION.   Our adoption fee is $425 and that includes the dog's spay/neuter, microchip and the chip's lifetime registration, full series of vaccines, start of preventatives, and any vet care the dog receives while in foster care.

Have you previously submitted an application that was approved for a different dog within the last 60 days? There’s no need to submit another one if you were approved unless any of your other information has changed! Just send us an e-mail to let us know which dog you are interested in.

Harley's Haven Dog Rescue was created to rescue abandoned dogs, find healthy, loving, permanent homes for them and also create a more responsible world of pet ownership.  Therefore we are adamant about vaccinations, regular vet care, socialization and spay/neutering as basic requirements for reducing the number of abandoned and euthanized pets on this planet.  Before completing our application, please be aware that all current pets must be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines unless there is a documented medical reason from your veterinarian, and have routine yearly wellenss exams.  The dog you are applying for MUST be kept as an inside dog (meaning not chained up and/or living outside in any capacity).

We will review all applications for each dog to make a decision about which home best suits the dog’s needs. Applications are processed in the order they are received; however other applications could be considered in determining the best situation for each dog.  All applicants must be 21 or older to adopt a dog.  Our adoption radius is approximately one hour/60 minutes from Perkasie, PA.  All vet care that is included with our adoptions is completed at Pennridge Animal Hospital in Perkasie, PA.

Completing an adoption application is not a guarantee that you will receive the dog you are applying for, and Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue reserves the right to reject any application as we see fit.

Check out our available dogs!

Our available dogs are listed on our Facebook page and on Petfinder.  We always have new dogs arriving so be sure to keep an eye on both pages for updates.




Our available dogs each have a photo album on Facebook.  Each album contains the dog's bio and pictures.   Petfinder also has an available dog list and the site itself contains some wonderful information for when you adopt a dog.

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