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Fostering saves lives – it is the heart and soul of our rescue, and we can’t do any of what we do without our foster homes.


We choose all of our foster dogs with our foster homes, and your goal (as a foster home) is to train and socialize the pup while he/she is in your care. The main things we would be looking for are housetraining, playing w/ other dogs, exposure to cats (if you have any), exposure to children and strangers through socialization, and working on basic manners. These few key things play a huge roll in getting dogs adopted, and can help us place them way more quickly!! We take care of all medical expenses (vaccines, any illnesses, and monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives), and can provide a crate, toys, treats, and much more!

Please note that all medical care we provide for our foster dogs is done at Pennridge Animal Hospital in Perkasie, PA and foster homes would be required to bring the dog to the hospital for scheduled vaccines, pick up medication, etc.  


Our dogs are generally in homes for 2-3 weeks before a good home is found for them, so we need people who can make this commitment. However this is just an estimate, so it is possible you would be asked to foster for longer if it is taking longer for the dog in your care to find the right home.  We also ask our foster homes to help either bring their fosters to events, or make them available to come to events with other volunteers!  Most of our events in hosted on the weekends in the upper Bucks/eastern Montgomery county areas. 


All that you do while the dog is with you is only going to make him/her more marketable AND adoptable!


If fostering is something you are interested in, please CONTACT US for more information or fill out our FOSTER HOME APPLICATION.

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