Big Corn Island Veterinary Expedition

In February 2016, we traveled down to Big Corn Island - a small, tropical island off the coast of Nicaragua for the first time. We went there because it is an island of approximately 6,000 people, hundreds of pets, and NO veterinary care! Our goal was to help to bring veterinary medicine to the people and their pets, and we did just that! After our initial trip, we knew we couldn't go just we went again in January 2017, and are already looking towards our next trip in 2018. Our goal is to help them as much as we can annually, but to also work with the local people to find a way to help them become self-sustainable.

In 2016, we held a clinic for 4 days, and were able to spay/neuter approximately 80 pets, and vaccinate over 300!! 

In 2017, we did a second clinic for 4 days, and were able to spay/neuter approximately 75 pets, and vaccinate about 450!!!


In 2018, we did a third clinic for 4 days, and were able to spay/neuter approximately 100 pet, and vaccinate over 500 dogs (unfortunately there were no cat vaccines available in Nicaragua at that time.) We feel strongly about education, spent a lot of time educating about fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease! 

Though we did a lot - the need is so much greater. We promised the people of this island we would be back, and how could we not go back? They still need our help, and we want and need to help them!  Unfortunately Nicaragua has some political unrest going on since April 2018 and based on reports and travel warnings from the US, we will not be traveling to the island in 2019.  We are heartbroken but are still determined to help our friends on BCI.  There is another organization that travels to the island during the summer and due to the unrest, they were not able to do their trip.  We are working with them so we can send them in our place in early 2019.  We still plan on sending supplies and doing as much as possible from here in the US.  Stay tuned for more info on all of this!


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