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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! It’s a fun holiday (honestly, I think it’s my favorite!), but we often want our pets to participate, and maybe they aren’t as into it as we are….so here are a few safety reminders for Halloween and trick-or-treating!

1. Not all pets like wearing costumes – yes, some are totally fine with it, and don’t mind…but some animals get really stressed out about it! Pay attention to your pup (or cat) to make sure they are ok with it! Signs of stress can be licking their lips, yawning, looking away, whale eye, and so much more. Please take their comfort into account this year, and don’t put them into a situation they aren’t comfortable in!

2. Not all pets like going trick-or-treating – this can also be a very stressful situation for them! It’s dark, there are lots of people (mostly in scary costumes), and lots of people approaching them over and over again! Some dogs who LOVE attention are going to thrive in this situation, but many would be stressed and overwhelmed!

3. Not all pets like greeting people at the door – stranger danger is a real thing for many dogs, and so many strangers approaching the door can be very stressful for them! There are many dogs that the best thing would be for them to have a quiet night, in a bedroom, with some music on!

4. Stash that candy away – all of those glorious little bite sized candy snacks are just as appealing to our pets as they are to us! Make sure you put them away in a safe place where pets can’t reach!! Most of them are chocolate, and we all know that is a toxin for dogs! But all the candy and sugars in general are not good for them and can make them sick, so keep them in a safe place!

Now all of this being said, if your pet loves people and isn’t stressed by costumes, then feel free to include them! But make sure you are taking their comfort into account, and are doing right by them! That last tip, I can honestly say Connor has made that mistake before….back when he was like 4 years old, he left his bag on the floor after Halloween and guess who dove right in?? That’s right, our ill-behaved, very food driven Dalmatian named Fiona. (if you have missed hearing about her nonsense, check back to one of my previous blogs about her antics, lol). Luckily we caught her before she ate it ALL, but she put a good dent in it! Stay safe out there today everyone, and have a wonderful Halloween!!!!

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31 oct 2021

I really appreciate how involved you are…and all that you share…your blogs…your pictures…thank you for all that you and team do!

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