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Brotherly Love Fund

Over 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year.  Approximately one million surrenders and/or abandonments were due to the owners financial inability to provide for the basic needs of their pets such as pet food and veterinary care.  

Our Brotherly Love Fund provides veterinary care assistance, at Pennridge Animal Hospital in Perkasie, to to financially challenged pet parents residing in Bucks, Leigh, Montgomery, Northampton, or Philadelphia Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Eligibility is limited to pet parents with demonstrated financial hardship and to those have never received assistance from Harley's Haven Dog Rescue in the past.  Due to our application process, we cannot provide funding for medical emergencies.

To apply for veterinary care assistance, please see the eligibility requirements below and submit our Brotherly Love Fund application.

Eligibility Requirements

You MUST be a resident of Bucks, Leigh, Montgomery, Northampton, or Philadelphia Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, qualify as low‐income (see chart below), and meet at least one of the following to qualify for veterinary care assistance.


  • You are unemployed/underemployed or financially impacted from Covid-19

  • You are receiving government assistance

  • You are disabled and on a fixed income

  • You are a veteran

  • You are a senior citizen on a fixed income

  • You have experienced unexpected life changes or circumstances


YOU MUST provide:


  • Proof of identification, (driver's license, or other photo identification with name and address)

  • Recent proof of income for ALL ADULTS IN HOUSEHOLD, (check stub, tax return, W‐2, 1099)

  • Proof of qualifying benefits (Medicaid, Unemployment, Food Stamps, SSI) if applicable

  • Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan from veterinarian (if known)

  • Photo of dog/cat alone and with family/owner

  • Completed veterinary care assistance application

We cannot provide veterinary care grants if any of the following apply:

  • You have received assistance from Harley's Haven Dog Rescue in the past

  • You are seeking aid for elective surgery, (surgery not required for survival)

  • You are seeking assistance for cancer/chemotherapy treatment

  • You are seeking assistance for ear/tail docking or declawing

  • Your pet has completed treatment and you are seeking reimbursement or help with an outstanding bill

  • Your pet is terminally ill, with little or no chance of survival

  • You have not applied for CareCredit

  • You have applied for CareCredit and were approved



Our grant capacity is subject to the availability of funds and funding is paid directly to Pennridge Animal Hospital; it is NEVER given directly to an individual.  The grant is exlusive to Harley's Haven Dog Rescue and Pennridge Animal Hospital.

If we do not receive ALL required information, your application will not be considered.  If you meet the above eligibility requirements and/or can otherwise be identified as having a financial hardship, please complete the following veterinary care application.

Click here to fill out our Brotherly Love Fund application

Rescues and shelter employees: Please submit our nomiation form if you would like to nominate a pet owner who is in need.

Brotherly Love Fund Nomination Form

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