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Pups for Vets stories - the Wrights

One of the things I would like to start writing about, are some of the amazing stories we have heard through our #PupsforVets program. Jen and Wayne Wright have adopted three pups through this program, and if you meet them, you can just see how much joy and love these pups have brought o their lives. I asked Jen to tell me a bit about the experience in her own voice, and would love to share their story. Below is a bit about them from Jen:

The Pups For Vets program at Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue gave us the opportunity to adopt three dogs with medical conditions from Harley Havens Dog Rescue. The adoption fee was paid for by the generous donation thanking veterans for their service. We were able to pay it forward by adopting special needs and senior dogs.

Annie is our senior Chihuahua that was saved from ACCT in Philadelphia. When she was originally rescued, it was thought that her damaged eye would need to be surgically removed, but it was decided to leave the eye and observe for changes. That did not deter us from adopting her. We were willing to accept whatever medical care she needed. Five years later, she is thriving and healthy!

Our second adoption under the program was a senior female Chihuahua from South Carolina. We fostered Hannah first and knew she was meant to be with our family. Hannah has a collapsed trachea and heart murmur which requires life saving medications every day. Hannah is what we call a foster fail. We are thankful for the program so we could bring Hannah into our family.

Third is our little Poodle, Molly. Molly came to Harley’s Haven with glaucoma in her right eye. After an exam by a specialist it was determined that her eye needed to be removed. The surgery was performed at Pennridge Animal Hospital and we adopted Molly under the Pups For Vets program. Molly is thriving without her eye and the pain that it was causing her!

I am glad we didn’t have to second guess our decisions to bring in dogs that needed medical care into our family. The Pups for Vets program allows us to pay it forward and help the dogs in need.

Wayne is actually still active in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, and just celebrated both 31 years of service, and was promoted to Master Sergeant this past December!! They are also volunteers now in Harley’s Haven, and are all-around great people doing great things! I am so thankful that we are able to offer this program to deserving people like Jen and Wayne…and it is because of our amazing donors over at Hair Studio 1208. Here’s to three little cuties living their best lives with an amazing family – and here’s to many more through our Pups for Vets program!

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