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Giving Tuesday - Fitz

Urgent medical case

We have so many pups that we help with medical issues, so each week we will highlight one of them and give an update on their care!

We deal with everything from broken bones, to dental disease, to heart worms, to serious cases....that I think our followers don't even realize the volume of medical cases we take on! So here is a way to let you all see some of the medical babies that we help and how you can help them!!

Meet Fitz - this poor baby is very very sick right now, and can use all the thoughts and prayers we can muster for him. He just arrived to our rescue on Saturday and came from our friends in WV. He must have been exposed to parvo just before he came into their care and he was then vaccinated. He started vomiting and not eating Sunday evening so he came right in Monday and unfortunately he tested positive for parvo virus.

This is a very serious intestinal virus that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea, and is life threatening to

young puppies like Fitz. The average survival rates are as poor as 50/50. Luckily for Fitz, he is in the right place. He is in the hospital on all the medications we can give him to support him, so he has the best possible chance with us...we will move the earth to save him if we can. With this virus all we can do is support him and give him time, and the rest is up to him. We anticipate he will be in the hospital for at least 4-5 days, so please keep him in your prayers.

His medical care is estimated to be $1500-2000 just to support him through this....so any donations towards his care can be made directly on our bill at Pennridge Animal Hospital (267-272-9996), or through our PayPal:


Thank you for reading, and hang in there Fitz, we love you baby and have your back!


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